Baby shower items

Storytime Lamb

According to Wikipedia the term “Baby Shower” is relatively new. However, the tradition of showering the expectant mother with gifts dates back to Ancient Asia and European times. In the, Victorian Era women kept their pregnancies secret to uphold cultural standards of proper behavior. After, the baby was born women would hold tea parties. In the modern age baby showers parties became popular in the 1940s and 1950s during the baby boom

Buying a Gift

Buying a gift for a baby shower can be a complicated decision. You may already know the gender of a child and you may not. In recent years gender reveal parties have become more popular than baby showers. Therefore, when couples throw a gender reveal party they are sure to get gifts for their child that will be put to good use and not returned once the gender of the baby is known.

In fact, our selection of baby shower items have been chosen for both types of celebrations a baby shower and for gender reveal parties. If attending a baby shower not knowing the gender we offer the peak a boo beige color bear, the Storytime talking lamb, and several others. Once knowing the gender for a gender reveal party consider personalized blanket and a nursery rhyme book to match. Most of our items are customizable and personalized with the recipients name. Of course, any text can be embroidered on our items to request a customized text, slogan, or saying please visit our contact us page and send us an email or call us anytime (201) 271-9696.

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