Embroidered Bath Towels for Students and Adults

Given five star reviews by our Five and Beyond customers. These personalized bath towels 35  x 65 inches are an excellent gift for a birthday, Christmas, weddings, anniversaries, and all occasions.  Each plush absorbent towel is customized with first name or monogram of three initials. Select from three designs either a heart, Caesar crown, double embroider or just the recipient’s name. These towels are embroidered with over 4,000 stiches. Name thread first letter color and full name can select from more than 15 colors of threads. An elegant and luxurious gift for weddings, anniversaries, going back to school, house warming gift, birthdays, Christmas, Valentines, and any occasion. A gift that is beautiful, useful, and practical that will give memories for years to come. Use for the beach, bath, sauna, and even saving your chair pool side. <br>

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