Fundraising by text link

20% Profit

Fundraising by text link by offering a tangible item is the easiest and most profitable fundraising campaign today. Several different types of institutions such as campaigns, charities, schools both public and private solicit donations by fundraising. There are several ways entities are able to solicit funds from the more recent by text message to a traditional way by an item. These tangible items range from candy, and cookies to popcorn and pretzels.

Both of these fundraising options can be challenging. The text message option is a link that is distributed by text messaging. Upon a click this leads to a site that simple collects the gifting partner’s information. Therefore, fundraising by text messaging is difficult to solicit funds since there is no tangible item exchanged for the donation.

The traditional fundraising option of reselling candy, popcorn, and snacks mostly used by schools does offer a tangible item as a quid pro quo contribution. However, with the public becoming more aware of how their food choices can affect their well-being the traditional snack options are becoming less and less viable sources of funds.

Nevertheless, fiveandbeyond finds the traditional quid pro quo fundraising is still the best option and now offers fundraising by text link directly to your customized web page. Now with the advancement of technology there are many more options for traditional fundraising. Our website allows the most viable option for fundraising items.

Personalized Gifts are Profitable:

Our personalized towels and graduation bears and elephants are some of our most successful fundraising items. These personal gifts are a quick and easy sale with 20% of the profit for your organization. The average price of these items are around $30 each piece which can give your organization $6.00 or more profit that will go directly to your fundraising bank.

Our fundraising program is designed to make fundraising easy and with as little effort on your part as possible. Just send a fundraising text link for your personalized products for sale. That’s it the rest is handled by your customized fundraising text by link website page.

How text by link works:

Once your entity has been on-boarded and undergoes vetting as a charitable or fundraising organization FiveandBeyond will give you a custom link that will be for your gift giving partners to order their personalized towel or graduation animal with a choice of the graduate bear, elephant, or owl

A profit report will be sent to your entity either weekly or monthly with a list of orders that came through your entities custom web page link. At the end of each month or at the end of the fundraising campaign a check can go through the USPS mail to your organization. Or you may select direct deposit. 20% profit from each individual sale solicited through your fundraising campaign is a post to your account funds .

Therefore, the only work on your part is to distribute your custom web page link to your potential gift giving partners. This is possible by way of your choice a text message, email, postcard, or word of mouth. Use one way of getting the word out or use them all.

FiveandBeyond helps many schools and charities reach their fundraising goals by fundraising by text link and our product made personal. A recent successful fundraising campaign sold FiveandBeyond’s graduation animals. The campaign ran for 3 months. At the end of their campaign the senior class end up with more than $1200* for their graduation day celebration.

How to start:

Simply visit our contact us page and send us a quick message in the subject line list: Fundraising and a short message in the body of the email  “Please send additional information for your fundraising program”. Visit or contact us page by clicking the following link:

Once your organization has complete the on boarding process by filling out a simple form, send a copy of your 501c IRS determination letter. See Code of Federal Regulations part 34 section 75.51 on “How to proved nonprofit status”  If your state requires a license to solicit funds a copy of your license must be on file. See this NOLO link for a list of states that require registration to solicit funds.

*Results vary and are dependent on the size of the distribution list and success of the campaign.