Bride and Groom Wedding Gifts

His and hers couples gifts is two custom wedding gifts for both the bride and groom. Long gone are the days of giving a toaster as a wedding gift. Many other guest choose to give cash to the newlywed’s. Choosing to give cash to the bride and groom as a gift is not a memorable choice. How many couple’s will remember how much cash was a gift on their wedding day? Unless of course, it was an extraordinary amount of cash the couple could not forget.

Similarly, many couples have a wish list for their gift registry. The registry list gives the couple an opportunity to list out items such as appliances or household items. Despite of the practicality of the wedding gift registry there remains the question. “Will the bride and groom find my wedding gift amazing?”

His and Hers Couples Gifts

His and Hers Robes

Therefore, ordering his and hers couples gifts custom made with their name is a gift that will surely be remembered and used for years to come. One customer wrote us and said as the couple opened the King and Queen Robes gift they exclaimed “This is amazing”. Each robe the King and Queen is custom embroidered with their names. Now this is surely a memorable gift which will make the couple will think of you every time they put the robes on.

His and Hers Couples Gift Choices:

With this in mind, imaging giving a set of luxurious cotton towels embroidered with Mr and Mrs along with their married name. Or choose the his and hers towels set embroidered with their first names. Admittedly though, the King and Queen plush microfiber bathrobe set is one of our best sellers and have a five star review on our partner sites. In addition, to these top sellers fiveandbeyond also offers custom embroidered throw blankets and bedroom decorations.

As we can see wedding gift giving has changed over time. The idea of wedding gift giving has advanced from the hope chest to a toaster, the registry wish list to sending out group text. It is interesting how the history of wedding gifts has changed overtime. If interested in reading more about the history of wedding gifts visit They have an interesting breakdown of how gift giving has changed through the years.