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Peter Rabbit Animated Peek A Boo Personalized Customized with Child's Name

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UPC: 022228484240
Brand: Gund

  • Customized: Child's name is embroidered on Peter Rabbit's handkerchief
  • Animated: Plush bunny plays peak a boo with his handkerchief takes 3 AA batteries
  • Audio: Speaks in an English accent with several peek a boo sayings Hello my name is Peter Rabbit, Play Peek A Boo with You ...
  • Soft & Huggable: Made from soft, huggable material for ages 1 and up
  • Plush: Durable plush material 10 inches high classical design

Beatrix Potter`s classic Peter Rabbit has his signature red handkerchief out and ready to play a game with you! This 10` classically designed animated Peter Rabbit features his well-known blue jacket and special moveable arms that activate at the push of a button on his left foot. Peter speaks with an adorable British accent and hides behind his hanky before popping back out to delight baby with an interactive game of peek-a-boo. Surface-washable for easy cleaning and appropriate for ages 1+. Takes three AA batteries to operate.
At the push of a button, Peter speaks and raises his arms for an interactive game of peek-a-boo; three AA batteries included with purchase
Handkerchief provides additional tactile sensation for baby
Surface-washable for easy cleaning
Appropriate for ages 1+
10-inch height

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